3 Major Challenges Facing Supply Chain Resiliency

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Supply chains are prone to obstacles, but it’s important to establish processes to strengthen the resiliency of your supply chain. When one point of your supply chain suffers, it can cause a massive ripple effect that significantly disrupts other aspects of your distribution process. It’s essential to always have a plan in place for supply chain disruption, even if you don’t see one coming. In this blog, we discuss three major challenges that will weaken the resiliency of your supply chain. 

Lack of Visibility

It can be complicated to operate your supply chain at peak efficiency when different teams throughout your organization aren’t communicating with each other. As your operations grow, it becomes and harder to maintain total visibility throughout your supply chain, leading to a geographical silo. By implementing a centralized platform for managing the different points of the supply chain, your organization can better utilize the resources that are available to you.

Offline Supplier

When even one supplier suffers in the chain, it affects the entirety of your distribution. An offline link in your supply chain can send the entire network into chaos, by halting or stopping the production of your products. By implementing automation and technology, you can quickly find other suppliers to fill gaps when they arise. Additionally, forecasting technology can better equip your supply chain for what do when you face a crisis.

Increased Demand

Tracking demand patterns can be a challenging process, as trends typically change on a whim. Increasing production can drain the resources your company has at its disposal, leading to shortages on shelves. With a centralized platform, your organization can quickly identify where shortages might occur, giving your team a small window to potentially pivot to another supplier.

How Sobel Can Help

Sobel Network Shipping Co., Inc. is a premier freight forwarder for companies that are looking to compete on a global level. Our goal is to simplify the complexities of worldwide shipping while strengthening the resiliency of your supply chain operations. Contact Sobel today to learn how we can help you.