5 Steps to Improve the E-Commerce Fulfillment Process

5 Steps to Improve the E-Commerce Fulfillment Process

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As businesses continue to rely on the e-commerce side of their business operations, it’s important to completely optimize and streamline all of your e-commerce fulfillment processes. Not only has e-commerce been growing the past 5 -10 years, but 2020 has forced businesses to revamp and revitalize any sluggish e-commerce offerings. Without an e-commerce fulfillment process, your business will not succeed in a digital world. Below, we have five steps to improve the overall e-commerce fulfillment process.

  1. Utilize Seamless Integration

For companies that aren’t manufacturing the products they sell, it’s crucial to establish an integrated ordering process that communicates your customer’s orders to the manufacturer. With an integrated ordering system, you can expedite the shipping process and ensure quick delivery for your customers.

  1. Enable End-to-End Visibility

Visibility throughout your supply chain is a crucial piece of optimizing your e-commerce fulfillment process. With full, end-to-end visibility, your team, and your suppliers will be able to access your catalog, inventory, and fulfillment processes. Your business can see what’s available, how much is available, and where these items are being stored.

  1. Find the Right Shipper

With regular audits of the current shipping solution, you can better understand how effective and efficient they are with your products. If your current shipper is consistently underperforming, it’s time to invest time and money into finding a new solution. Find a shipping partner that offers real-time, accurate order tracking and modern digital tools to increase their efficiency.

  1. Strategize Your Warehouse Locations

Today’s customers expect quick delivery of their orders. To quickly deliver to all of your customers, it’s essential to be smart about warehouse placement. Whether you are building your own warehouse space or storing your products in warehouses throughout the country, you can leverage your customer data to ensure that your products are close to where your customers live. Strategic warehousing allows your company to optimize the shipping and delivery processes from end-to-end.

  1. Partner with a 3PL

When you partner with a third-party logistics provider, your team can leverage their connections to expedite your e-commerce fulfillment processes. Outsourcing your freight forwarding and shipping processes allows your team to focus on what’s most important – sales and building the business. Find a 3PL partner with the connections you need to efficiently and effectively ship your products.

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