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7 Top Ways to Expand the Education of a New Hire in the Seafood Business

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many seafood businesses are starting to seek new employees to meet their export business needs. This article will look at seven free to low-cost resources that can help score a helpful staff of needed employees that you can depend on. 

  1. Export Essentials Online 

Are you new to exporting? Check out the Export Essentials Online training course, which is ideal for anyone seeking to learn the fundamentals and logistics of seafood product exportation. The courses let you learn at your own pace. You can use either a computer, tablet, or smartphone to watch the video modules on-demand. There are a plethora of topics that you can pick and choose between. You have the option of deciding what you want to learn and find useful. The modules are diverse, covering international terms of sale, commercial export documentation, and international freight logistics. Every module comes with a mini quiz to evaluate and understand the material. You will also find additional resources so you can explore each topic more in-depth.

  1.           Food Export Helpline

If you want to learn more about the Free Trade Agreement compliance procedures or need more market research, then the Food Export Helpline is loaded with valuable information. You can also ask the Food Expert veteran Dennis Lynch your hard questions.  

  1.           International Correspondence Tips

Do you want to build strong relationships with your international buyers? You’ll want to take the time to read this blog post to learn crucial things like how to format time, date, and telephone numbers. 

  1.           Branded Program

The Branded Program covers the cost-sharing program, so you can learn how to extend an overseas marketing budget and learn more about the Food Export’s programs and reimbursement processes. 

  1.           Lead Qualification

Trade leads are tricky, especially for newbies. The Food Exports Lead Qualifications provide valuable information for new hires and others. 

  1.           Webinars

The Food Export-Northeast has many complimentary webinars that focus on technical topics that answer many market-related questions. Check out the following: 

  1. Virtual Consultations 

Employees often have marketing questions as they learn the trade. The Virtual Consultation service lets the employee register to meet online with one of the Food Export-Northeast’s In-Market Representative (IMR).  All questions are submitted before the call, and then, once on the call, the employee can discuss the question with the IMR in a one-on-one fashion, which provides a great learning opportunity. 

Hiring new employees takes time, especially for training. However, with the above resources, we are confident that we can streamline the process for you, the new hire, and your companion. Please contact the Food Export liaison to learn more. We are always here to support the Northeast US seafood suppliers.