A importância do despachante aduaneiro no comércio exterior

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Importar e exportar mercadorias para o exterior é um longo e complicado processo que requer entendimento sobre a complexidade sobre como funciona a alfândega. Se a sua empresa espera ser competitiva no mercado global, você tem que entender como funciona todo o processo. Um experiente despachante aduaneiro pode ajudar sua empresa a passar pelo processo […]

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Why the Internal Supply Chain is Essential

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What role does the internal supply chain have in a company? Internal supply chain processes have a significant impact on how products are delivered to the customer. While the external supply chain processes of transportation and environmental factors on shipping is a big part of the supply chain conversation, companies need to understand why their […]

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5 Steps to Improve the E-Commerce Fulfillment Process

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As businesses continue to rely on the e-commerce side of their business operations, it’s important to completely optimize and streamline all of your e-commerce fulfillment processes. Not only has e-commerce been growing the past 5 -10 years, but 2020 has forced businesses to revamp and revitalize any sluggish e-commerce offerings. Without an e-commerce fulfillment process, […]

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How to Maintain Your Material Handling Equipment

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A supply chain has to keep actively moving to stay effective and efficient. Any disruptions can cause major ripple effects down the supply chain, potentially hurting the operations of your business. A big part of the productivity of your supply chain relies on the equipment that your team is using to handle cargo and materials, […]

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3 Ways to Lower Your Freight Shipping Costs

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Running a business can be a costly venture, especially with all of the salaries, rent, utilities, and taxes you have to pay. When you include the cost of freight shipping costs, it can usually take a large portion of your budget, even without the threat inflating prices. Finding simple ways to lower your shipping costs […]

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Optimizing Your Packaging Processes

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It’s expensive to run a business, especially when you start to add up the little expenditures along the way. Spending money on excess materials might not seem like a lot of money at first, but it’s important to understand where your company is spending money and how it fits into your budget. One way that […]

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4 Ways to Prepare Your Supply Chain for the Future

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The supply chain and logistics industries are in a state of constant flux, as shipping rates and methods change almost every day, warehouse inventory continues to expand, and consumers demand more immediate solutions. Your supply chain operations have to be incredibly flexible and prepared for anything at a moment’s notice to keep up with your […]

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How 3PLs Can Invest In Technology

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The logistics industry is in a constant state of change, especially as automation and innovative technology come into play. Investing in technology can help companies in any industry stay relevant, but especially in logistics. Even if your company isn’t interested in adopting a technology strategy, that doesn’t mean your competition won’t. At the very least, […]

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How to Optimize Your Warehouse for High Demand Surges in Ecommerce

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Facing a high demand surge in business is an excellent problem to have, but it’s still important to be prepared to meet the demands of your customers. An increase in business will likely stress your existing resources and workforce, forcing your company to make some significant changes to optimize your current warehousing space, stock, and […]

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Unlikely Imports – The Story of Thai Street Paws Rescue

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There’s no greater joy than finding a permanent home for dogs in need, especially for stray dogs. As man’s best friend, our furry companions deserve the safety and security of a family that loves them. Thai Street Paws Rescue is working to save these animals from the dangers of living as a stray. The streets […]

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