Choosing a Freight Forwarder Miami

International trade is tricky whether you specialize in imports or exports. You’ll be faced with very different rules and procedures for various countries and states. Florida is a thriving hub and you’ll want an experienced freight forwarder Miami specialist to work with you on all of your business needs.


Sobel International freight forwarder Miami is skilled in handling all documentation, paperwork, and details needed during the customs process and regulatory requirements so you avoid potentially large fines, legal headaches, and potential delivery delays which also impact your profitability.


Rest assured, our international freight forwarders in Miami can handle any problems and streamline the process so you don’t have to worry and can focus on your business.


Why You Need a Freight Forwarder Miami? 


If your business is growing, then you’ll need to deal with complex shipping procedures. Joining forces with a skilled freight forwarded Miami offers the following benefits:


Talk Like An Expert


A skilled freight forwarder in Miami has the ability to speak eloquently with customers about fees, port charges, insurance, and documentation.

Develop a Reputation


Partnering with a freight forwarder Miami lets you establish your reputation. Other shippers spend an excessive amount of time shuffling through paperwork but you’ll be ahead working alongside a skilled freight forwarder.


Let’s You Stay Cool in the Face of Customs


Dealing with complex regulations is overwhelmingly difficult but a freight forwarder lessens the load so you can rest easy when dealing with customs.


Sobel International: The Perfect Freight Forwarder Miami Partner


At Sobel International, we have a team of experienced and trained customs brokers. We will take your cargo from door to door without hassle or worry.  Sobel International is the premier international freight forwarder in Miami.  From the minute you partner with us, it becomes our responsibility to ensure that our cargo safely reaches its destination on time. We handle everything from documentation to insurance to internet payments. You can leave the entire process in our skilled hands.

Export Freight Forwarding Miami


We offer a skilled team of experts who specialize in international export freight forwarding.  You never have to worry about whether or not your cargo will reach its destination in a timely manner. Sobel International remains committed to helping your business grow by ensuring your cargo does not suffer delays. We handle everything from bookings, AES filings, documentation to payments – let us tackle the hard stuff!


With Sobel International, you receive expert consulting. Our company has the resources needed to ensure that your shipping assignments are successful and all operations are smooth. We give you insight and guidance with solutions that meet your shipping needs.


Dealing with a freight forwarder Miami, lets you avoid vetting carriers, wading through lengthy insurance plans, negotiating with brokers, and more. You’ll enjoy a single point of contact so if an issue does arrive you don’t have to spend all day on the phone talking to numerous individuals to take care of the problem. Let Sobel International take the hassle out of freight forwarding – contact us today to learn more.