When the first civilizations began trading amongst themselves some 5,000 years ago, it accelerated cross cultural interaction and provided vast opportunities for growth and influence in the global marketplace. With the international division of labor and expansion of global markets, international trade has further developed. As a new channel, e-commerce is changing the mode of trade, affecting the cost, efficiency, value, and impact on international trade.

E-commerce sites create a convenient online trading platform, that brings thousands of countries and international traders together as one. Established in 1949, Sobel Network Shipping Co., Inc. is an industry-pioneer in e-commerce clearance and nationwide distribution. We specialize in the modernization of international global online merchandise trade.

  • E-commerce clearance
  • Door to Door service
  • Nationwide warehousing
  • Nationwide distribution to all types of e-commerce warehouses
  • Purchase Order tracking
  • Immediate Proof of Delivery