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FDA Approves Port of Entry Modifications

The NCBFAA Regulatory Agencies Committee (RAC) is pleased to announce that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted permission for changes in the port of entry for entries containing FDA data. This development, which the RAC has long advocated for, is a testament to the FDA’s commitment to streamlining procedures.

Previously, customs brokers were required to cancel the entry and submit a new one whenever there was a change in the port of entry. This created additional work for both the FDA and the trade, as port changes can occur in various situations, particularly along the Northern Border.

To indicate a Port of Entry (PoE) change, brokers will now utilize the Update Action Code (U) on an ACE Cargo Release transaction.

When an entry submission includes a PoE change, the FDA will respond with new reason codes that acknowledge the change and affirm that previous decision/status messages remain applicable. It’s important to note that modifications to the FDA message set will not be taken into consideration, maintaining consistency with the current procedure.

This enhancement is already accessible in CERT. The FDA expects to commence processing PoE changes via ACE, including the transmission of new reason codes in Production, no earlier than June 17.

For more detailed information regarding Port of Entry changes for FDA, please refer to the updated Information for FDA Entry Filings document at CBP.gov.