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First Israeli Shipping Company Launches Logistics Center in the US

For the first time, an Israeli shipping company is establishing a logistics center in the United States, providing importers and exporters in Israel with the ability to store and manage inventory stateside.

Interdel, a subsidiary of the Allalouf Group, is opening a new logistics center in New Jersey. This marks a significant milestone as the first Israeli shipping company to establish such a forward warehouse in the US. The logistics center will offer solutions to importers and exporters looking to store and manage inventory within the United States. Its strategic location, close to the seaport and Newark Airport, provides a significant advantage for handling cargo efficiently.

The center spans 4,200 square meters and is outfitted with the latest technological innovations necessary for modern trade. It offers services including container stacking and loading, general warehousing, and distribution. Additionally, the center is tailored to meet the growing demands of the e-commerce sector.

This new facility complements Interdel’s existing logistics solutions in the New York area, which include warehouses near JFK Airport in Jamaica, Queens.

Interdel G.T. Ltd., founded in 1986 and part of the Allalouf Group specializing in air and sea shipping, opened its New York offices in 2002. Since then, it has been a key player in facilitating trade between the US and Israel.