How a 3PL Can Elevate Your Food and Beverage Logistics Operations

The shipping and supply of food and beverage is a complicated process that involves a lot of moving pieces and changing variables. Companies that are looking to improve the shipping and logistics processes of their food and beverage products should consider outsourcing their operations to a third-party logistics provider (3PL). Finding the perfect requires a little bit of research and a thorough understanding of your shipping and supply chain needs. Below, we discuss how a 3PL can elevate your food and beverage logistics operations.

Ensure Seasonal Capacity

Seasonality plays a huge role in the supply chain processes for food and beverage. Due to the seasonable aspect of fresh foods, you need to ensure that your flexibly adapt to increased demand or production of certain foods and beverages. Your 3PL should be equipped with the experience and resources to understand the supply chain needs of your food and beverage products.

Optimize Transportation Routes

What route would be best for shipping your products? Are your products time-sensitive? Digital tools allow 3PLs to find the best route for what your organization is shipping, ensuring that your deliveries are on time and under budget. When you partner with Sobel, we work with you to understand the nuances of your products to guarantee the best transportation route available.

Package Strategically

Packaging food and beverage is an essential part of the process. Using a packaging strategy ensures that your products are safe and secure for transportation. A 3PL will offer packaging solutions based on what you need, whether it’s temperature sensitive or not. At Sobel, we offer a simplified packaging process that allows you to focus on the bigger picture of your organization.

Manage Transportation

With temperature-sensitive and time-sensitive products, the food and beverage supply chain has to be monitored around the clock. Food and beverage transportation requires large amounts of paperwork, billing, audits, and managing shipping timelines, which are all time consuming tasks. Maintaining temperatures and complying with food safety regulations are an added challenge, meaning that you need a 3PL who is equipped with the resources to manage your transportation of goods around the clock.

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