How to Optimize Your Warehouse for High Demand Surges in Ecommerce

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Facing a high demand surge in business is an excellent problem to have, but it’s still important to be prepared to meet the demands of your customers. An increase in business will likely stress your existing resources and workforce, forcing your company to make some significant changes to optimize your current warehousing space, stock, and people to meet these surges head-on. Below, we’re discussing the best practices for optimizing your warehouse for high-demand surges in ecommerce.

Optimize Your Current Space

Ecommerce spikes happen around a specific product or set of products, meaning that your warehouse needs to be optimized for shipping these particular products. By keeping these products together and moving them closer to the packing line, your team can more easily package them together and send them out efficiently. Additionally, you can optimize your warehouse space by clearing shelves or adding vertical storage for your products. The more floor space your team has, the more efficient they can be.

Implement a Cross-Docking Strategy

Cross-docking is a specific strategy that can be used to meet demand without making your customers wait for their orders. In a cross-docking situation, you are essentially unpacking shipments from your trucks and repackaging them to be sent directly to your customers. For a cross-docking strategy to work, you need to prepare a space for your cross-docking team to function efficiently.

Train Your Team

If your team is going to be effective and efficient in a high demand surge, they will need to be already trained on these processes. If your training your team during a demand spike, it’s too late. Review policies and procedures with your team to ensure that they are aware of any new operations, focusing on productivity and efficiency. The performance of your team during a demand spike is crucial to future demand seasons and the continued success of your business.

How Sobel Network Shipping Co., Inc. Can Help

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