How to Prepare Your Warehouse for Incoming Technology

Supply chains are increasingly becoming digitized, as modern technology has come into to change and simplify the way everything operates. As supply chains continue to implement tools and technology, warehouses and distribution centers have to keep up. Because of all of the moving pieces, adopting new tools and technology can be a challenging process for warehouses. Below, we have some considerations for preparing your warehouse for incoming technology.

Determine Tech Comfort Level

Some of your best warehouse employees might lack the computer skills necessary to operate new pieces of technology. Onboarding new tools might be easy to some of your staff, but it won’t be easy for everyone. Establish some training processes to get everyone up to speed to new tools that your warehouse is deploying.

Prepare Employees for Changes

While you are preparing your employees to use the technology in your warehouse, it’s also important to prepare your employees for the ways that your organization is going to change. As digital tools and automation continue to take over the supply chain industry, many people are worried that they will be replaced with technology. Communicate the changes that are taking place, and how they will affect the daily processes through your warehouse.

Upgrade Infrastructure

Upgrading the infrastructure of your building will completely optimize the performance of your new digital tools. Many tools require a reliable network connection to operate at optimum capacity, but this connectivity requirement may put a strain on your existing network infrastructure. Additionally, any cracks in the floor or damage to the interior of your warehouse will disrupt the productivity of any automated vehicles that you deploy.

Have a Backup Plan

The reality is that things are going to happen that dramatically affect the usability of your technology. Whether your company has to pivot after a product recall or your warehouse receives a larger shipment than usual, you will have to deploy your workforce to handle this situation without a digital solution. Technology is harder to use in a situation like this because of the intensive programming the machine requires. Having an “analog” backup plan in place will prepare your team for these situations.

How Sobel Can Help

While Sobel Network Shipping Co., Inc. is an international freight forwarder that helps our clients conduct business on a global level, we are also committed to helping your organization optimize your “home team” as well. Our warehouse and distribution solutions are designed to completely simplify and optimize your processes to create a better situation for your inventory needs. Contact Sobel today to learn how we can optimize your warehouse.