Optimizing Your Packaging Processes

Blog image of warehouse worker using machinery for Optimizing Your Packaging Processes.

It’s expensive to run a business, especially when you start to add up the little expenditures along the way. Spending money on excess materials might not seem like a lot of money at first, but it’s important to understand where your company is spending money and how it fits into your budget. One way that businesses can cut down on necessary spending is by reducing packaging inefficiency. Packaging inefficiency happens when companies are using an unnecessary amount of materials to send their cargo. Below, we discuss what to look for when your business is optimizing your packaging processes.

Excess Space

When your current shipping processes allow for excessive space at the top of the trailer, crate, pallet, or box used to ship your products, it means that you are wasting valuable shipping space. Individual boxes should match the size of the products, as long as the products are packed safely. Whether your packaging allows for efficient shipments or not, it’s important to establish processes that ensure every available spot is taken. 

Oversized Packaging

Packaging that is larger than the product itself can not only lend itself to space issues but also damage to the product itself. Using these materials will cost your company more money, and increased returns due to damaged packages will lead to more expenditures as you replace damaged items. Are you using boxes that don’t fit the size of your products? It’s probably time to fix it.  

Excess Packaging Material

It’s important to understand the “unboxing” process that your customers will go through. When they receive your packages, they will be responsible for opening and discarding your company packaging. How much packaging will they have to get rid of? Are your products creating a mess for your customers? Take the time to consider how your customers are discarding your packaging materials so that they don’t have excess material on their hands. 

Overweight Packaging

Packaging and shipments with excessive weight make inventory storage and movement much more difficult on your warehousing operations. If your packaging materials are too heavy, wide, or tall for standard warehousing equipment, the wasted space and effort will make your costs climb. When shipments require extra work and space, that’s money that could be used for something else.

How Sobel Network Shipping Co., inc. Can Help

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