Orlando Station Feature - Sobel Network Shipping Co., Inc.

Orlando Station Feature

Sunny and beautiful Orlando, Florida is home to Sobel’s Nationwide Pricing Office and a team of experienced experts led by Regional Pricing Manager Belinda Perrot. When asked what makes the station great, she had this to say, “Our Orlando team is known for their quick response and fast action. We are all excited and motivated to bring the best rates and service to our partners and customers.”

Their excitement and commitment to excellence shows. Belinda and team have been actively working to build and strengthen overseas relationships by meeting with partners and growing Sobel’s DDP/DAP service offerings.

As business is growing, so is the office. “We are excited to be adding a few New York transplants to the office this year! We are always so grateful at Sobel that we continue to grow and add staff members when we see so many companies doing layoffs we are hiring!” 

The team has seen it all. While Sobel as a whole specializes in food, wine, and various commodities, Orlando has handled everything from fine art to general goods, and done so with precision and care. 

The office doesn’t only cover Florida, they manage nationwide quotes and offer 24/7 service. 

Things can change quickly in the supply chain and with new policies constantly being implemented or old policy being updated, whether in reaction to politics, supply chain visibility, or sustainability, it’s important to have a knowledgeable team who is on top of compliance and understands incoterm values and how they affect your customs clearance and processes.  

Put your business in Belinda’s, and the team’s, trusted hands to lift your operations to the next level and meet not only the current moment, but those that are next on the horizon, too. Give them a call today at 888-670-4191.