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Porsche Expands Logistics Fleet with Electric Heavy-Duty Trucks

Porsche is advancing its logistics operations by integrating alternative drivetrains, now adding six electric heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) at its Zuffenhausen, Weissach, and Leipzig locations. These electric trucks join a fleet that includes 22 biogas-powered HGVs, and are tasked with transporting production materials within these facilities.

Additionally, one of the new electric HGVs is designated for delivering new cars to Switzerland from Zuffenhausen. Porsche is also exploring the potential of synthetic fuels through a scientific project led by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), where twelve existing HGVs will be trialed with synthetic diesel (HVO100) around Zuffenhausen.

Albrecht Reimold, Executive Board Member for Production and Logistics at Porsche AG, emphasized the role of alternative drivetrains in the company’s sustainability strategy, stating, “Decarbonization is a cornerstone of our sustainability approach, and employing trucks with alternative drives is key to achieving our ambitious environmental targets.”

Historically, Porsche has utilized biogas (CNG and LNG) HGVs in its operations, and the introduction of electric trucks represents a continuation of this commitment to environmentally friendly transport solutions. The logistics partners Keller Group, Müller — Die lila Logistik, and Elflein are committed to powering these electric HGVs with green electricity. Additionally, the logistics firm Galliker will be using the new electric truck to transport Porsche vehicles to the Swiss market, further extending the company’s sustainable logistics practices.

Press release & images courtesy of Porsche AG.