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SkyTeam Cargo Unveils Innovative Lightweight Pallet

SkyTeam Cargo, a prominent air cargo alliance, has introduced an innovative paper-based cargo pallet designed to reduce costs and environmental impact.

Developed by TRIP&CO, this new pallet has received approval from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The paper-based pallets, which can replace traditional wood and plastic euro and block pallets, weigh between 10-15 kg less. Composed of 94% recycled fibers, they are resistant to humidity and adhere to ISPM 15 standards, an industry benchmark for pallets.

SkyTeam Cargo emphasized that the reduced weight of these pallets helps decrease aircraft weight, thereby saving costs and cutting emissions.

“Unlike Euro pallets, the new carton pallets can be used multiple times, depending on handling and usage, reducing wood consumption, waste, and emissions,” stated SkyTeam Cargo.

The pallet underwent successful trials last year by SkyTeam Cargo members Air France Cargo and KLM Cargo during SkyTeam’s annual flight challenge. This event gathers member airlines to explore new methods for minimizing aviation’s environmental footprint, including cargo operations.

John Engelaan, Vice President at SkyTeam Cargo, commented: “The latest version of our carton pallet not only cuts costs but also has the potential to significantly reduce emissions – a key goal for the air cargo industry.

“Substituting one-way Euro pallets for SkyTeam’s multiple-use carton pallets could reduce the industry’s wood consumption, weight, and emissions.”