Sobel experiencing successes with guaranteed sailing services

The challenges facing buyers of ocean freight through the latter stages of the pandemic have focused on both securing equipment and space for their cargo. The degradation of sailing performance by carriers has led to – by some estimates – 10% of available container capacity being idled as ships wait outside global ports to be unloaded.

Sobel Network Shipping, through our network of agents and partners around the world, has been experiencing a high degree of success from some countries and ports for customers with a small number of guaranteed slot bookings. These guaranteed slot bookings include not just a confirmed sailing, but also equipment availability.

The three countries we have experienced the greatest success have been India, China and Vietnam. 

We have approached this by taking the position that a ride out of the origin country is the most important first step. Sobel Network Shipping, however, does not control the time that it takes for a vessel to berth and be unloaded, nor can we influence intermodal loading, movement and availability at destination.

Honestly, our partners have had the greatest success in working with carriers and co-loaders to prioritize successful bookings by negotiating and securing space on the spot market. Carriers are in the driver’s seat, or perhaps pilot’s seat would be the better term in this nautical application, and meeting with them on a weekly basis to understand the most current market conditions has given us a window into what it takes to successfully book and export cargo eastbound on the transpacific.

Conditions are changing weekly and it is very important to communicate your specific needs and requirements to our team. This solution and option isn’t for every shipper, nor is it available from all origins. Please contact someone from our team to learn more and get a quote today.