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Supply Chain Advisor to the Biden Administration Leaving White House

The top supply chain advisor to President Joe Biden has left the Whitehouse. Many say that the departure is occurring as the supply chain distribution problems appear to be easing substantially.

The deputy director of the National Economic Council and deputy assistant to the president Sameera Fazili left on Friday. She had been tasked with handling the White House’s work that was focused on the repair of the supply chain which is believed to have been one of the key factors fueling the inflation. She also worked on passing the Science Act and CHIPS.

History of Sameera Fazili, Supply Chain Advisor

She served as a leader in the development of the administration’s industrial policy. Fazili headed up the White House’s Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force in an effort to streamline the flow of goods – especially throughout the holiday season.

National Economic Council Director Brian Deese stated in an interview with POLITICO “Sameera has been an indispensable partner in navigating historic global supply chain challenges and charting a historic industrial strategy for our country. In no small part because of Sameera’s tireless efforts, our supply chains have not only recovered, but our country now has a coherent strategy to build supply chain resilience for the future.”

Prior to her position with the White House, she spent seven years working at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. With the Obama Administration, she served as the senior advisor on international affairs and as a senior policy analyst at the Treasury Department. She also worked at the NEC.  As a Buffalo Native, Fazili is a Harvard and Yale Law School graduate.

Future Supply Chain Predictions

When Fazili was brought on, the hope had been that the task force would overcome the bottlenecks of the supply chain, assist with transportation, and have a strong focus on agriculture and semiconductor production. Many believe that improvement has taken place under Fazili’s reign and she resigns with success.

The White House has confirmed that Fazili’s industrial policy portfolio will be handled by Ronni Chatterji who has been the White House lead for carrying out the CHIPS Act.  Chatterji will move into the role of acting deputy director at NEC and Celeste Drake will serve as the NEC director.