Supply chain complexity calls for excellence in pricing

“How much from here to there?” While that may have been the way shippers asked for a quote years ago, today the inherent complexities within supply chains have made the default answer to a question that is superficial, “Depends.” 


Now, it’s not to say that we don’t have rates between foreign and US ports for both imports and exports or can’t tell you how much per kilogram it costs between any two airports, but with inconsistent carrier performance, equipment availability, congestion, and even closures, providing pricing take a company and a team that understands and weighs all of these factors and asks questions upfront that may seem intrusive but in fact, clearly sets expectations before the booking is even made.


Sobel’s pricing department is based in Orlando, Florida, and is led by Belinda Pellot. From Orlando, Belinda and her team at [email protected] manage rate requests for all four of our U.S. locations in New York, Chicago, Orlando, and Miami.


The pricing team has more than fifty years of combined experience in pricing international and domestic transportation and covers not just overseas, but the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Most quotes can be returned within the same day and we’ll follow up on those quotes to ask when you’re ready to book or advise if the underlying pricing has changed, which given the fluid transportation markets nowadays it often does.


We maintain our own contracts and have access to contracts with partners at home and abroad, helping us match commodity, estimated transit time, port pairs, and equipment availability with the needs of the cargo. 


For both U.S. and overseas importers of record, our pricing team can also support a wide variety of “D”-Incoterm-based scenarios, including DAP, DDP, or DDU. Those same customers who may need warehousing, domestic trucking, and final mile fulfillment services can rest assured that Sobel can match the service to the service need, providing successful outcomes at competitive price points. 


To get a quote, call us today at (888) 670-4191, send us an email to [email protected] or visit our website, provide your contact details and our pricing team will contact you.