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Supply Chain Worker Shortages Persist

The supply chain is improving, but not fast enough for many. Consumers continue to see high prices and unrest remains. One of the ongoing problems impacting logistics remains severe worker shortages.

Suzanne P. Clark the U.S. Chamber of Commerce president stated in an interview: “Business demands better from our government because when it comes to Washington, the state of American business is fed up. The polarization, gridlock, regulatory overreach, and inability to act smartly and strategically for our future is making it harder for all of us to do our jobs and move this country forward. We need a government that works. A government that rejects gridlock and chooses to govern. A government that can partner with the private sector on our biggest challenges and can engage globally to advance America’s interests, and the world’s. A government that limits itself to the work only it can do — no more and no less.”

Agenda for American Strength

At present, Clark has called on Congress to focus on the Agenda for American Strength to help improve the present and future. She lists the following threats to the current supply chain:

  • Geopolitical uncertainty
  • Danger of a recession
  • Worker shortages

The Agenda for American Strength is a plan put forth by the Chamber in an attempt to problem-solve the current American business situation. The plan includes the following:

  • $1.2 trillion long-term infrastructure bill – which passed in 2022 news further streamlining to start building.
  • A reform bill for investments made in infrastructure.
  • Add more immigration employment visas to fill the labor shortage. At present, the wait time for a work visa is over 60 weeks and that time needs to be shortened.
  • Increase energy production domestically.
  • Create more trade agreements.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has created the State of America Business Data Center to study the problems faced by businesses. Currently, the system examines 12 economic indicators.

The data revealed the following:

  • The shortage of U.S. workers is at a record high. It found that for over 100 job openings there are only 73 workers available. The American Trucking Association faces a shortage of 80,000 drivers.
  • Consumer spending remains high even with record inflation.
  • The supply chain is easing.
  • Energy prices have started to come down.

One thing remains a leader in the problems faced by American businesses and the supply chain: a serious labor shortage. How that will impact 2023 remains to be seen.