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The Suez Aftermath

A week ago Monday, nobody outside of cargo owners and logistics professionals who knew the name “Ever Given” had the slightest clue that TEU means “Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit” and likely couldn’t find the Suez Canal on a map. But last Tuesday, the grounding of the 20,000 TEU ship captured the world’s attention, drove up oil […]

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A importância de se fazer o seguro da carga

Desde o fim de novembro, uma série de incidentes ocorridos com navios de carga levaram à perda de milhares de contêineres. A maior parte deles estava em trânsito entre os Estados Unidos e a Ásia. Recentemente, um outro navio que estava seguindo rumo ao Oeste perdeu dezenas de contêineres vazios, que estavam sendo enviados para […]

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U.S., E.U., and the U.K. setting aside trade remedy duties in Boeing / Airbus dispute

The escalating game of tit-for-tat over the issue of subsidies to Boeing and, Airbus which was adjudicated before the World Trade Organization, has seen a significant decrease in temperature than the U.S.’s steps. Most recently, with both the European Union and the United Kingdom last week. The United States Trade Representative first announced a four-month suspension […]

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As Biden assembles trade team, China relationship to remain “status quo.”

At the beginning of March, fifty or so days into the Biden Administration as of publishing, the President’s Cabinet, Ambassadors, and other Executive Office personnel continue to move through the nomination and confirmation process. For businesses involved in international trade – specifically with China – the team setting policy and managing the relationship will include […]

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The Benefits of Using Cargo Insurance

Since the end of November, a spate of incidents at sea has led to the loss at sea of thousands of containers. Most were filled with cargo in transit between the US and Asia. Still, one westbound vessel lost several empty containers desperately needed to fill with export orders bound for America and Europe. While […]

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5 Steps to Improve the E-Commerce Fulfillment Process

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As businesses continue to rely on the e-commerce side of their business operations, it’s important to completely optimize and streamline all of your e-commerce fulfillment processes. Not only has e-commerce been growing the past 5 -10 years, but 2020 has forced businesses to revamp and revitalize any sluggish e-commerce offerings. Without an e-commerce fulfillment process, […]

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