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U.S., E.U., and the U.K. setting aside trade remedy duties in Boeing / Airbus dispute

The escalating game of tit-for-tat over the issue of subsidies to Boeing and, Airbus which was adjudicated before the World Trade Organization, has seen a significant decrease in temperature than the U.S.’s steps. Most recently, with both the European Union and the United Kingdom last week. The United States Trade Representative first announced a four-month suspension […]

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Involuntary Blank Sailings Causing Problems for Shippers

We have now entered the period of the Lunar New Year holiday when Chinese manufacturing slows down and China’s citizens undertake what has, until the past two years, been recognized as the largest human migration as people return to their home cities and villages to celebrate. The typical New Year pattern Until the pandemic struck […]

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3 Ways to Lower Your Freight Shipping Costs

Blog image of an ocean freight carrier for 3 Ways to Lower Your Freight Shipping Costs.

Running a business can be a costly venture, especially with all of the salaries, rent, utilities, and taxes you have to pay. When you include the cost of freight shipping costs, it can usually take a large portion of your budget, even without the threat inflating prices. Finding simple ways to lower your shipping costs […]

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