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Sobel Network Shipping Co., Inc. acquires Sunshine Services International., Inc.

Twenty-five year old company joins Sobel with focus on bolstering exports ROCKVILLE CENTRE AND JAMAICA, NY – APRIL 15, 2021 Sobel Network Shipping Co., Inc., a customs broker and freight forwarder headquartered in New York with locations in Miami, Orlando and Chicago announces the acquisition of Sunshine Services International., Inc. an airline GSA with an […]

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5 Steps to Improve the E-Commerce Fulfillment Process

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As businesses continue to rely on the e-commerce side of their business operations, it’s important to completely optimize and streamline all of your e-commerce fulfillment processes. Not only has e-commerce been growing the past 5 -10 years, but 2020 has forced businesses to revamp and revitalize any sluggish e-commerce offerings. Without an e-commerce fulfillment process, […]

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Optimizing Your Packaging Processes

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It’s expensive to run a business, especially when you start to add up the little expenditures along the way. Spending money on excess materials might not seem like a lot of money at first, but it’s important to understand where your company is spending money and how it fits into your budget. One way that […]

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How 3PLs Can Invest In Technology

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The logistics industry is in a constant state of change, especially as automation and innovative technology come into play. Investing in technology can help companies in any industry stay relevant, but especially in logistics. Even if your company isn’t interested in adopting a technology strategy, that doesn’t mean your competition won’t. At the very least, […]

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3 Benefits of Partnering with a Professional 3PL

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Maintaining a competitive edge in today’s supply chain environment is increasingly difficult as supply chains become more dynamic and complex. A dedicated capacity program is an excellent opportunity for businesses that require high levels of service, guaranteed capacity, and a positive brand extension. Finding the right third-party logistics partner is essential for improving the capacity […]

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How a Diverse Team Can Benefit Your Logistics Strategy

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Logistics is an industry where the relationships are crucial to your business’s success, both on the customer and vendor side of the company. Logistics chains for multiple industries have significant hubs throughout the world, requiring an international, multilingual approach. Diversifying your team will ensure that your business can build relationships on a domestic and international […]

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3 Major Challenges Facing Supply Chain Resiliency

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Supply chains are prone to obstacles, but it’s important to establish processes to strengthen the resiliency of your supply chain. When one point of your supply chain suffers, it can cause a massive ripple effect that significantly disrupts other aspects of your distribution process. It’s essential to always have a plan in place for supply […]

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