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Regulatory Roundup: News out of FDA & CPSC

While Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is the most visible and well-known enforcement presence for imported goods, they work in tandem with multiple regulatory agencies. Those agencies are called “Participating Government Agencies,” or PGA for short. When Sobel transmits information about an arriving shipment on behalf of an importer, we are providing not just the […]

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The Suez Aftermath

A week ago Monday, nobody outside of cargo owners and logistics professionals who knew the name “Ever Given” had the slightest clue that TEU means “Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit” and likely couldn’t find the Suez Canal on a map. But last Tuesday, the grounding of the 20,000 TEU ship captured the world’s attention, drove up oil […]

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How a 3PL Can Elevate Your Food and Beverage Logistics Operations

The shipping and supply of food and beverage is a complicated process that involves a lot of moving pieces and changing variables. Companies that are looking to improve the shipping and logistics processes of their food and beverage products should consider outsourcing their operations to a third-party logistics provider (3PL). Finding the perfect requires a […]

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First Sale

For logistics managers and supply chain officers responsible for their company’s overall transportation spend, 2020 and 2021 have proven to be difficult to highly impossible. Whether port congestion, astronomical rates, or lack of equipment, the ability to move cargo at forecast landed costs has evaporated. Added to these costs are additional duties for trade remedy […]

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As Biden assembles trade team, China relationship to remain “status quo.”

At the beginning of March, fifty or so days into the Biden Administration as of publishing, the President’s Cabinet, Ambassadors, and other Executive Office personnel continue to move through the nomination and confirmation process. For businesses involved in international trade – specifically with China – the team setting policy and managing the relationship will include […]

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