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Referência no ramo de logística, Sobel Network Shipping adquire a Sunshine Services International

Empresa com 25 anos de mercado se une à Sobel visando fortalecer e aumentar as exportações Nova York – A Sobel Network Shipping Co., Inc., empresa que atua no ramo de importação e exportação com sede em Nova York e com filiais em Miami, Orlando e Chicago, acaba de adquirir a Sunshine Services International, Inc. […]

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Combate ao trabalho forçado deve ser prioridade para importadores

Desde 2015, quando foi aprovado o  Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act (TFTEA), as agências governamentais americanas passaram a dar mais atenção a diversas questões ligadas ao comércio internacional. O combate ao trabalho forçado (Forced labor) passou a ser uma das prioridades pelo U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Tanto na administração anterior quanto agora, […]

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Forced labor as a priority issue for importers

In 2015, the passage of the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act (TFTEA) brought a renewed interest and focused by Customs and other government agencies on many issues. Forced labor was a key area the agency cited that would receive greater attention, and since passage, the agency has taken several significant steps in this area. In both the previous […]

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3 Benefits of Partnering with a Professional 3PL

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Maintaining a competitive edge in today’s supply chain environment is increasingly difficult as supply chains become more dynamic and complex. A dedicated capacity program is an excellent opportunity for businesses that require high levels of service, guaranteed capacity, and a positive brand extension. Finding the right third-party logistics partner is essential for improving the capacity […]

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