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The Automation of Supply Chain Decision Making

Decision intelligence has become a new term being bantered about the supply chain. Decision intelligence is viewed as an evolving field that focuses on simple decisions. Things like shifting a load to a new or different carrier if the price exceeds the preset amount or moving production from one facility to another if the factory shuts down are two examples of supply chain decision-making.

Fred Laluyauz the president and CEO of Aera Technology states the following when talking about supply chain decision-making automation, “We are transforming from an era of people making decisions guided by machines to an era of machines making decisions guided by people.”  

Predictions point to decision-making automation accounting for 95% of data for supply chain businesses. In all likelihood, AI and machine learning-driven software will become a must-have for any logistics business.

Aera is offering its  Decision Cloud platform, which updates the  AI/ML operational capabilities to help businesses better understand decision intelligence. Shariq Mansoor, the founder, and chief technology officer of Aera Technology state, “Through Aera Decision Cloud, we are re-inventing decision-making and accelerating adoption of decision intelligence. Today’s comprehensive release for both business end-user and data science teams underscores how we are continually advancing and evolving our platform to enable digital decisions at scale in this increasingly complex business environment.”

The product focus on the platform’s Aera Cognitive Skills, which is a set of prebuilt set of capabilities for the following:


  • Forecasting
  • Planning
  • Logistics
  • Inventory
  • Finance
  • Revenue


The goal is to improve the user’s experience. The advanced intelligence capabilities further give an understanding of the effectiveness of the decisions. The technology can learn what decisions are commonly made and then it focuses on automating them. It can also go back to rewrite data. It can insert rules and changes to ensure that future decisions occur in the same manner.

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