Top 3 Tips on Seizing New Markets

About 95 percent of consumers who have two-thirds of the world’s purchasing power are located outside the United States. The potential for international growth is substantial. This is true for agriculture and food suppliers. Many have not tapped the global markets to their full potentials.

Within the United States, there is a great deal of knowledge and programs that have substantially helped expand the Northeast and Midwest food products’ growth. The Food Explores Suppliers have achieved almost $8 billion in export sales since 2012. The global demand for quality and safety has grown for agricultural and food products.

The vast knowledge and proven programs established here in the U.S. have enabled the accelerated growth of  Midwest and Northeast food products across the globe.

Since 2012, Food Export suppliers have achieved nearly $8 billion in export sales. Working together, we have successfully increased the global demand for innovative, quality, and safe U.S.-based food and agricultural products.

The Food Export continues to expand and bring new ideas to the table for exporters in the Northeast and Midwest. Only with growth can importers truly identify and utilize opportunities within the global marketplace.

Tips on How to Seize New Markets

At this time, everyone must make a focused effort with complete clarity to seize on new markets as they open and use growing economies. Below, you will find new ways for suppliers to expand their export growth potential.

1. Take a New Approach to Your Brand

Updating your brand, so it is modern, relevant, and recognizable is a significant first step. Look at your logo. Is it simple but memorable?  Logos should be digitally friendly and indeed promote interaction. Your tagline and logo should clearly show how your company can help and what makes them stand out from the competition.

2. Draft a Program Guide

Expand and refresh your program guide. It should be filled with information and be user-friendly. Whether entry-level or seasoned, anyone should be able to instantly get started with the programs while finding the resources they need with only minimal effort.

3. Create a New Website

Suppliers prefer a website that is easy to navigate. Without a doubt, a website is a must-have tool. It should load quickly and provide a personalized experience. Visitors should be able to find needed resources quickly.

Seizing new markets and expanding your international growth is imperative to your success. The top tips are just a few ways to meet your goals successfully.