Two Great Companies with Long Histories Come Together

This week, two great companies with long histories came together, and I’m fortunate enough to lead the newly formed company into the future.

Sobel Shipping Co., Inc., the company I purchased in early 2015, has roots dating back to 1949 here in New York. The founder’s focus was intensely on providing the best service to his customers and taking care of the people who worked for him.

Logistics is an industry where relationships matter, both on the customer and vendor side. Even as the industry sees increasing digitalization and automation, it is still integral that we maintain that connection with carriers, truckers, warehouses, customers and, yes, even the government regulators at Customs and other agencies.

Relationships matter to Sobel Shipping Co., Inc. as a company and me as a person. I can say that relationships matter to Judy and Trisha Kearney and their clients and business partners at Network Brokers International, who opened their doors in 1981 believing the same things that Hyman Sobel did back in 1949.

As friends and competitors for years and just a floor apart in the same office building in Rockville Centre, I’ve admired how Judy and Trisha have grown at Network Brokers International. A natural extension of that admiration over the past year has been the discussion about bringing our two great companies together under one banner. Here in the beginning of 2018, we made that a reality with the birth of Sobel Network Shipping, Inc.

Logistics companies come in all shapes and sizes. Some are built to compete on volume or price. Some are built to operate exclusively on a particular trade lane or industry vertical. That’s well and good and something you can set your business up to do. What you can’t do is teach and ingrain a culture where the customer is first. Where people are committed to each and every transaction and treat the cargo like it was their own.

Lost in today’s supply chain is a proprietary sense of ownership of the cargo – that each piece has a story or a reason that it is moving from one place to another. Judy, Trisha and I, as well as our newly combined staffs, all feel that the reason that we are here is to serve our customers and that guiding philosophy helps us win the day.

Over the coming weeks and months as we fully integrate our teams and eventually come together in a single office space, we’ll keep everyone apprised of how things are going. We are here like we have always been and will be, and we thank you for the privilege of continuing to be your preferred service provider.