USTR 301 Exclusion Update

The imposition of Section 301 duties on many exports from China has weighed heavily on the minds and pocketbooks of importers whose supply chains are centered there.

Aside from the case pending at the Court of International Trade questioning whether or not the previous administration acted illegally with List 3 and List 4a, companies wrote to the USTR seeking exclusions.

These exclusions were valid for a period of time and importers were permitted to go back and retroactively recover duties paid after the exclusions were published.

The trade has been worried that since the Delta variant’s prevalence that certain PPE which received a Section 301 exclusion would expire.

Fortunately, CSMS 49165775 issued on August 24th shared that products covered under 85 FR 13785 dated March 10th were extended through September 30th.

Seeking to know whether or not to even further extend this exclusion on certain medical care products, the USTR on August 27th published in the Federal Register a request for public comments on whether or not to extend these exclusions for up to a further six month period. Comments are being accepted through September 27th. Law firm GDLSK has published this helpful list of products being considered.

You can download a copy of the current exclusion lists here along with their dates of expiry, both past and future.

For more information about how to join the case at the CIT or if you are contemplating importing a new product from China that requires classification research and a trade remedy duty determination, contact us today.