Why You Need an Experienced Customs Broker

Experienced customs broker in shipping container holding.

Importing and exporting for international trade is a long, complicated process that requires understanding the complexities of customs clearance. If your company is hoping to be competitive in today’s global market, you need to understand the customs process. An experienced customs broker can help your company to navigate the constantly changing customs waters, bringing you the international shipping solutions that your business needs. With the aid of a customs broker, your imports and exports will safely pass through any of the international shipping hoops you encounter.

Knowledge in Complex Regulatory Requirements

First and foremost, an experienced customs broker will have the latest knowledge regarding the complex regulatory requirements of the international shipping and trade sector. As these requirements are often changing and shifting in international shipping, it’s important to have someone on your side that knows exactly what to expect.

Facilitate the Customs Clearance Process

A customs broker will ensure that your shipments cross international borders and reach their intended destinations. Clearing your shipments through customs is always a difficult, lengthy process. No matter what port your shipment is going through, they will know all of the required steps to facilitate the entire customs clearance process.

Avoiding Unnecessary Costs

The rules and regulations of international shipping are constantly changing, which can result in a variety of delays, fines, and even confiscation of your shipment if you aren’t following the proper protocols. Customs brokers understand what the requirements are for each item and type of goods, which will save you time and money. With an experienced customs broker on your side, you can be sure that your shipment is going to get where it needs to go.

Correct Identification of Goods

The Harmonized Tariff Schedule is a hierarchal structure for describing goods in trade for duty, quota, and statistical purposes. As goods enter a country, they are given specific classifications to divide them into major groups and sub-groups. Customs brokers have a full understanding of exactly how the Harmonized Tariff Schedule will classify what you are shipping, simplifying the customs process altogether.

Paperwork is Done Correctly

One of the biggest headaches in international shipping is correctly filling out the appropriate paperwork for shipping your goods. With the help of an experienced customs broker, all of the required paperwork will be filled out correctly and to completion. They understand the language of the paperwork, which forms apply to your shipping needs, and how to submit the paper to the correct authorities.

How Sobel Can Help

Partnering with the right customs broker ensures that all of your importing and exporting services are completely taken care of. Sobel Network Shipping Co., Inc. has been negotiating the ever-changing landscape of international trade since 1949. We offer an entire suite of shipping services to support your international business. We have a team of customs brokers that are prepared to handle any of your international shipping needs. Contact Sobel today to learn more