Wine & Sprits

Importing Wine, Distilled Spirits & Beer can be a complex process as there are numerous Federal regulations as well as various State regulations that must be considered.

The Sobel Network Shipping Co., Inc. team will work with you to ensure a hassle free process to facilitate the customs clearance of your shipment and an on time delivery.

In addition to determining tariff classifications, we suggest an assessment and review of products to identify opportunities for possible reduction in duty and taxes.

Our staff is available to assist with the basic requirements for alcohol importations, including:

  • FDA (Food & Drug Administration) Registration
  • TTB (Alcohol & Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) importer permit
  • COLAs (Certificate of Label Approval)

The Sobel Network Shipping Co., Inc. Team will work with you to obtain the necessary permits and documentation required to import your Wine & Spirits or Beer to the United States.